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Monday, 2 September 2013

Marchena and Geijo arrived to La Coruna
Carlos Marchena and Alexande Geijo

As I said is my previous post, it would be nice if Carlos Marchena dress Depor football shirt again, for one more season at least, taking into account his leadership abilities and experience. Well dreams come true.
This morning it was announced that the centre back returns to Deportivo, and will undergo the medicals today. Great news for a team targeting first two places and direct entrance to the elite.
Carlos Marchena is experienced defender, with international career behind with 69 appearances in the Spanish football team kit, and more than 350 games for teams like Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla, Benfica and Deportivo La Coruna.
Another good thing that will satisfy all Deportivo La Coruna fans is the signing of Alexandre Alex Geijo. He already completed his first training with Depor squad and it is expected to be a vital piece of the puzzle named Deportivo. He will reinforce the striking position, but I don't believe that Vazquez will use both Borja and Geijo as a strikers in this squad. He may use one classic striker at most, and in extreme situations, we can see both on the pitch.
Good Monday for Deportivo, day "D" for football transfers is running, and we made two great signings this morning.
Would a third (winger) arrive today? It's never too late!

UPDATE: Alex Geijo sign for RCD Mallorca as he failed to deal with Deportivo in the last moments of the transfer market.


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