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Friday, 13 September 2013

Cordoba-Deportivo Copa

Long night at Nuevo Arcángel stadium in Cordoba and win for Depor in one-leg tie for Copa Del Rey. Deportivo la Coruna passed Cordoba CF after a long penalty shootout that ended on the next day. In the regular part, the game finished 2:2, than an extra time was played, and after no goals scored the game turned to be real excitement at midnight.
Deportivo was pure team of youngsters. It played its 4-3-2-1 formation with Fabricio on the goal, Manuel Pablo, Seoane, Uxio and Alex Begrantinos at defense, wild, Teles, Cani, Juan Carlos and Bicho in midfield, and Luis as attacker.
The youngsters of Depor didn’t show too much game in the first part of the game, but neither Cordoba played good football although they opened the result in 23’ with Caballero scoring amazing goal from distance.
In the beginning of the second part, Depor took control of the game and quickly turned the result on their side after Seoane (header) and Luis scored in 48’ and 59’ respectively. To mention that Juan Carlos missed a penalty and clear goal after rebound just minutes after Seoane’s goal.
The best player for Blue and White football kits was Paulo Teles who looked more like a veteran with his perfect assist than like a youngster.
Cordoba pushed strongly in the final part of the regular game and equalized the result after a header of Abel and its first touch of the ball (he entered seconds before scoring).
In the extra time both parts were tired and Stefan Deal was suspended after receiving second yellow card in the match. No goals were scored in the extra part. Cordoba and Depor finished 2:2 The penalty shooting was real excitement as 28 penalties were thrown, even some players needed to shoot twice. The one that missed the last penalty for Cordoba was Ulises Dávila sending the ball over the bar.
The score sheet was 12-13 in favor of the Galicians.

In the third round, RCDLC will play with Real Jaen on the road...again, one-leg match.


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