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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hercules CF 0:2 Deportivo La Coruna

Second straight win for Deportivo La Coruna, third on the road. RCDLC beat Hercules CF at Rico Perez stadium with score 1:0.
There was no chance at both sides until 24 minute came when the first goal in this match is scored. It was easy to Borja Baston to beat goalkeeper after a great pass from Juan Carlos. After the goal, Depor free its mind and shortly scored the second goal in minute 34. It was again Borja with the help of Hercules defender who touched the ball just to change its curse to the side that was not defended by Falcon.
 At minute 43, Depor had two good chances make the third but no luck. That Hercules was playing really bad showed the missed penalty at the end of the first half. Penalty was made by Alex Bergantinos that played with hand in the box.

Half-time: Hercules (0:2) Deportivo 

Depor started the second half relaying on counter attacks. In minute 57, Coach Vazques made two changes in his squad. Kaka entered for Laure and what is interesting, Seoane replaced Javier Arizmendi at the right side. The last one was playing under performances, as he never pass good ball to Borja and was constantly losing the battle with Hercules left-back defender.
The first serious shot for Hercules in the second part came in minute 65, and Lux deflected the ball in corner. Minutes later, Borja could score his third goal after a fast counterattack started with Manuel Pablo. He passed the ball to Borja who make a shot but the ball was saved by Falcon. Hercules were nervous on the field because they could not create real danger against Deportivo La Coruna.
 In minute 75 tings become worst for Hercules after Escassi received a red card for hitting Luis Fernandez (who replaced Borja before) in his head in a duel. However, Depor never pushed for more and still played on counter attacks.
 At the end, the game finished as it started in the second half:

Final Result: Hercules CF 0:2 Deportivo La Coruna


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