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Sunday, 26 October 2014

We have been witnesses a period in which Deportivo La Coruna had good and bad games, producing mixed feelings among the supporters and the general public overall.

Depor is no longer the team that threats all Primera and Europe clubs, and we got used to it. Even many people including me, were expecting these bad results after Depor couldn’t find it's game from the third game in Primera, until the game against Valencia last weekend.

Just when all the numbers were at Valencia's side, Depor make it happen the unbelievable after four straight losses. It is not about the victory, it is about the style of playing football. I do not remember when I last saw such an agile Depor. Although the whole squad was phenomenal, there is a player that was the key player and the piece that was missing in the previous games: Cezary Wilk.

He runs a lot and covers what Medunjanin cannot cover. Medunjanin 's role is to play with the ball, while Wilk opens the field for the creative player, and makes Depor engine works. When you add fast and technical players on the wings and playmaker position, and different kind of strikers that can switch the draw in a second, then you got the winning team. A team that play with the ball when it has, and defend well when it does not have it.

Can this Deportivo prove itself and the public that something new is born, a dangerous machine capable of competing with every single team in the league? Can this Depor make it possible for much longer than only two or three games? Because I believe there is a talent on here. It could be mixed with discipline, order, and players' desire to progress in a football sense.

We will see after today's game with RCD Espanyol.


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